I have been to numerous bird walks with my parents and read lovely reports from senior birders.
I had never imagined, that someday I will lead  a bird walk and on top of that ,I will write a report. Can’t believe, it is actually happening, Let me pinch myself.  I hope, I will be able to justify the responsibility my mentors have bestowed on me.
13th May 2018our second CAN club walk was held in Lodhi garden. 17 children with doting parents, team members and mentors added to about 27  odd individuals. This walk was different than usual walks I have been attending, no more following the leader, this time I had to lead, see and show the birds to all the attendees. We congregated at gate number 4 and walked along the lake towards the composting area and then towards the ‘Bada Gumbad’ and ‘Sheesh Gumbad’.
At the lakeside on the right side of the bridge, we saw a Common Moorhen with brilliant red shield on the forehead feeding in the water. It’s nonwebbed feet easily walking on the water lily leaves.  A Little Egret with its breeding plumage gobbling up a fish. We also spotted Oriental Magpie Robin numerous visits to its nest,most probably feeding the juveniles.
We later saw a family of 3 greater cormorants swimming in the water, and after little observation we saw a lesser cormorant swimming among the 3 greater cormorants. It was a great start to the walk.
However managing 27  odd people was getting difficult for me and with my soft voice, attendees who were standing behind could not hear me. Mentors decided to spilt the group so that everybody can listen and enjoy the walk properly. (learning from this I intend to carry a portable mike for my next walk) First group was led by me and second group was led by Aman,Viraj and Maitreya.
While explaining the Jungle babbler, there was loud flapping of wings, heads turned up and we saw  beautiful Black kites  hovering and some of them perching at various trees. One of them was actually staring at me, as if saying, “make sure you explain to everybody ,’
“I am a Kite not an  Eagle”.
Flocks of Rose Ringed Parakeet were feeding on the ground while  some  were  drinking water  from the mud bowls. Summer is round  the  corner and these humble bowls will be the saviour for our Avian friends, not only for drinking but also taking well deserved dips.
All along the walk, House crow, Common Myna, Blue Rock Pigeon, Collared Dove , Laughing dove made their presence felt with great numbers.
Common Tailorbird flitting from bush to bush, Asian Koel Male flying overhead with its beautiful and distinctive call, House crows harassing the solitary White Throated /Breasted Kingfisher , it was all a sight to behold.
When we reached the compost area, all of us discussed the importance of composting and have decided to visit our neighbourhood park and discuss options of compost pits in our park. Rufous Treepie with insect in its claw was spotted by Jasraj, felt so happy that within such a short span of time , he was able to spot birds.
Now there was a surprise for all the kids . In Lodi Garden , there is a Barna Tree . People believe that if you hug that tree and ask for a wish , it does come true .It was so much fun seeing everyone hugging the tree and making a wish. Ofcourse we all have to come back and hug the tree again once the wish is fulfilled.
Simultaneously second group saw  Yellow footed Green pigeon (commonly known  as Hariyal in Hindi) , Brown Headed Barbet  and few of the above mentioned species . They also heard the call of Black Rumped Flameback Woodpecker .
We wrapped up the walk with few more activities as quiz with showing them small Pics . Also handed over the bird houses to everyone . All in  all a fantastic bird walk. Full list of the birds is attached for everbody’s easy reference. My personal thanks to our mentors, Nik uncle, my mom and our core team of Maitreya, Viraj and Aman.
See you again in the next walk 😊😊This is me Vanya Signing Off
Birds seen today –
1) Black Kite
2) Asian Koel
3) Red whiskered  Bulbul
4) Brown Headed Barbet
5) Rose ringed parakeet
6) Blue  rock pigeon
7) Yellow footed green pigeon
8) Common myna
9) Jungle Babbler
10) House crow
11)  Indian Magpie Robin
12) Laughing dove
13) Eurasian collared dove
14) Rufous treepie
15) lesser cormorant
16) Indian cormorant
17) Red vented bulbul
18) Common tailorbird
19) domestic Chinese Geese
20) Little Egret
21 )White Throated Kingfisher
22) Grey hornbill
23) Common moorhen
24)Alexandrine parakeet
25)Jungle crow
26) White Brested waterhen

Animals seen-
1) mongoose
2) Cat Fish